Taraji P. Henson Natural Hair Tutorial

Let’s face it during the quarantine people have gotten very creative on how to maintain beautiful looks!

As the world continues to quarantine and social distance as a fight against the Covid19 pandemic many celebrities are at home with no access to their styling team make up artists nail technicians. Like many of us coping to keep up beauty routines around isolation, Taraji P Henson shows us the tools she used to create a natural coiled look! #covid #tarajiphenson #empireonfox #beauty #hair #naturalhair

She was also testing products to launch for her new hair care line TPH by Taraji

“Every human, boy, girl, adolescent, and adult should have the opportunity to experience beautiful, healthy hair—and it starts from the scalp,” Henson tells ELLE.com. “TPH by Taraji isn’t just for natural hair; my sole purpose was to create a foundation for everyone but also provide products that allow you to branch off to the different groups that cater to your specific needs.”

She Did that! #tarajiphenson #hair #blackhair #empireonfox

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