How to Create Infinite Scroll Puzzle IG Post With Mobile Apps


you are going to need to download two apps head to the Apple store and download these FREE APPS

  1. Adobe Photoshop Mix
  2. Tile Pic

Creative Assets!

The second thing you are going to need are fly photos that have high resolution, or in other words very sharp images that will not get blurry when you make them bigger. Make sure your photos have been edited to your liking before getting started.

Be Bold

feel free to add images that are abstract Flowers polka dots, your brand logo etc. You can layer these over top of your puzzle post.

Organize your media

Photo organization will make the creative process easier. Make a separate album for all your photos this will make layering photos in your project a LOT EASIER. This will save you time from scrolling throughout all your photos. ( To make a new album go to photos select the + sign and Create new album name the album and add all the photos you may want to add to the project)

Open Adobe Photoshop Mix and press the + (add new project ) symbol

Select Custom Canvas- Name your project and set dimensions to 3240×1080

Width Enter 3280

Height Enter 1080

This is very important to keep your pictures sharp when splitting into 3 posts.

Begin to add layers start with the background layer!! think of this like a background, flowers, dots, abstract. I used a photo of the water

i rotated this photo to better fit the dimensions.

Begin adding your layers and tweak as needed

Move images around rotate them play with the sizes. If you overlay images you can easily rearrange or move layers around.

Save the project and then open up the Tile Pic App

the grids aren’t there so you may have to tweak the position and re-save. The idea is to have half of one phone be connected In the second photo so as you swipe it reveals the whole image.

No worries the project is saved in Adobe so you can easily move and resize and import into Tile Pic

Select Create Tiles

Select 3 tiles by tapping the square you will see 3 green checks .

We choose them horizontally because that is the direction of the scroll for the Instagram post.

Select the Picture symbol and upload your adobe mix creation.

Select the check box at the bottom and WALAAA

REMEMBER when you post to instagram to select the 3rd photo first or you puzzle will be backwords!

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