Cutest Romantic Date! Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage

She thought she was going for a routine morning walk on the beach with her husband Boris Kodjoe, to her surprise awaited a live musical serenade and that was only the beginning.

Kodjoe pulled some romantic strings to celebrate his 15-year wedding anniversary to his wife Nicole.

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About last night… Our fave spot 🍝 is open only for takeout like most places right now… So This love biscuit @boriskodjoe asked the owner, our friend Stephen, the food genius, if we could sit outside for a short meal for our anniversary… 🥂 B promised it would be simple, we wouldn’t stay long & they could make us whatever they had…nothing fancy…it was just nice to be out. Well he also called @fabkasi and well, when we arrived there were gold plates, printed menus, candles, florals and a violinist. #fabkassisimple 🤩 #amazing When the craziness is over…take your boo here 🙏🏽 …#thebestnightever #ThankYouBabe❤️ #thankYouKass 🙏🏽 #ThankyouStephen🥂 #Thankyou @irisesdesignsca 💐 #ThankYou @angelinasherie 🎻

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He didn’t let executive stay-in orders stop him from the list of gestures he set out for THIER special day, including a call to a friend, restaurant owner of Spartina LA.

No worries!! All social distancing measures where taken place. Nothing too extravagant just dinner outside with a classical violinist accompanying entertainment 6- feet away 💕

We love this celebration of love amidst Covid-19

Love wins and we’re blushing at their celebration of beauty! Well done Kodjoe! WELL DONE

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