Eliane Welteroth’s Quarantine Wedding Best Idea Ever

Many Couples devastated with their 2020 wedding plans and the uncertainties ahead, as they put in cancellation requests for their special date due to Covid_19

New York Times best selling Author, Speaker and Former Teen Vogue Chief Editor Eliane Welteroth was amongst these couples stricken with the decision to cancel or go virtual.

They both decided to just host their ceremony on the stoop of their Brooklyn home and it was gorgeous!

Who would’ve of thought the little boy she met in a small church ⛪️ years later would reconnect over drinks in laughter only to become her happily ever after!

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“Wherever you are today, you won’t be three years from today. You are going to change, physically—the hairline will go, the bustline will drop, the waistline will spread out. But you will also change emotionally—your values, your perspectives…The challenge will be to continuously make adjustments to this person, who will not be the person you are married to today. . Self understanding will make self disclosure less threatening, and self disclosure is what makes good marriages work. We call it friendship. Disclosure so deep, until there is nothing left to disclose. When there is nothing left to disclose, we have intimacy. . It’s hard for a marriage not to work when a couple is so intimate, that they communicate their feelings, their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their joys, their sorrows. Communication at that level, will navigate you through anything this world throws at your marriage. . You will be tempted to avoid areas that produce heat. May I encourage you, not to resist those. I want to encourage you to make a commitment to use conflict creatively. Conflict is like a smoke alarm, a squeaking sound in a car. It says: “Something needs attention.” Not to fight over, not to run away from, not to suppress, but to work at, until there is a resolution. . And then we can creatively make conflict serve us in making our marriage a factory where creativity occurs in the moments of conflict.” – Dr. Pastor Stanley Long, 5.10.20 . Words to live and love you by forever @jonathansingletary 🙏🏽💫❤️ #LoveLockdown . Photo 1/2: @belathee Photo 3/4: @micaiahcarter

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