SOLANGE – “It’s Necessary” QUEEN SLIM Opening Remarks

It was a vibe from the moment you stepped foot into the venue.

The Los Angeles screening for Queen and Slim took place at Underground Museum.

Queen and Slim is a romantic thriller Directed by Melina Matsoukas (in her feature directorial debut) with a screenplay by Lena Waithe from a story by Waithe and James Frey.

“Very Very Necessary “

Hosted by Solange Knowles the evening started with a heartfelt welcome note. The words “ It’s Necessary” unabashedly left her lips, while giving opening remarks and inevitably became the words of the evening.

…it’s necessary because we deserve to be able to experience films and a rollout that not only speaks to our narratives but also mirrors the way that we see ourselves; fly, beautifully shot, stylized in the way that we see the world.

This film is also necessary because we must recognized the enormous power of the remarkable Lena and Melina coming together as a black women writer and director to tell our stories and continue in that space for us.


And i really want to encourage the men in our film community for a second to support this work like you do each other uplift our stories and protect their due credit they deserve like you do your brothers work and we do yours.

Solange |



Lena Waithe


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