Angelina Jolie In Atelier Versace | Maleficent Evil Mistress World Premiere

Angelina Jolie wore an asymmetric black Atelier Versace Gown, made from draped Metal Mesh. At first glance you may think the blinged out a scorpion is apart of the dress NOPE it’s a custom collab piece fine jewelry!

The Scorpion is a 50-carat diamond and platinum brooch with gold details on the body and black diamonds on the underside and ends of the legs.

Composed like a piece of sculpture, the tail curls over and the legs have a bend. Jolie conceived the slightly sinister 3-1/2 inch long statement piece with Los Angeles based jeweler, Robert Procop.

According to the jewelry designer, the Scorpion is not currently for sale. It may be auctioned for charity in the future. In the past, proceeds from from the Style of Jolie collection were donated to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict, which builds schools for children around the world.

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